Pioneer Adventures

Become a pioneer this summer and explore Franklin and America’s western expansion through the eyes of local history and lore!  Build toys, create lanterns, learn to knit or crochet, play traditional pioneer games (& some modern twists on the old games!), and follow clues as they lead you through a period-themed scavenger hunt to local landmarks and businesses.

Attend any 6 of the following programs throughout the summer & receive a special prize at our Summer Reading Finale! Be sure to note the location of each program.   All materials are FREE and open to residents & non-residents (recommended for children 6+).  Registration not required, unless otherwise noted.

June 22nd at 6pm (at JCCL): Pioneer Bookclub (craft & snack)

July 5th from 1pm-3pm (at JCCL): 4th of July Celebration (traditional games, make lemonade, learn to knit or crochet)

July 12th at 1pm (at JCCL): Oregon Trail Game (& craft)

July 27th at 10am (at Blue Slope Museum): Oxcart Man (read, explore, program on bartering, & craft)

August 2 at 1pm (at JCCL): Tin Lanterns (registration required for this event so supplies can be gathered & prepared)

August 5 at 10am (at Kahn Road Schoolhouse): Birch Broom demonstration (take a tour, meet local artisan Grant Bombria’s, stories, & bring a picnic lunch)

August 10th at 1pm (at JCCL Library): Healing Plants presentation

August 15th at 10am (at Franklin Congregational Church): Pioneer Gatherings (tour, history, & role of the church in the 1800s)


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